Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Akkaravadisal- a delectable sweet with rice, sugar and milk

This is one of my favourite sweets and it is one of my grand mother's specialities. I noted down the recipe in my diary long back. I generally make this on special occasions. This is one of my grnadmother's recipes that I would never want to loose and hence blogging it.

This is how my grandmother makes akkaravadisal...

Ingredients that serves 2 spoonfulls for 5 adults

Rice: 70 gms Sugar: 200 gms Milk: 200 ml(boiled) Water: 100 ml Ghee: 4 1/2 tbsp Cashew: few pieces(around 10) Dried grapes: around 10 Orange color: a pinch

1. Pressure cook rice by adding milk and water.Allow 4 whistles. 2. In the meantime, fry cashew and dried grapes in 1 tbsp ghee one after the other. 3. Once the rice is cooked, mash it with the back of a laddle. 4. In a pan/kadai, add sugar, cooked rice, color and 3 tbsp ghee and keep in medium flame. 5. Keep stirring slowly, until akkaravadisal starts leaving the sides of the pan.(around 6 to 7 minutes) 6. Add the remaining 1/2 tbsp ghee and mix well. Put off the stove. 7. Garnish with fried cashew and dried grapes.

Delicious akkaravadisal is ready.

Note: My grandmother gave the measurements in terms of ratio which I have converted into gms. In terms of ratio, for 1 measure of rice, we would need 2 1/2 measures of milk, 2 measures of water and 3 measures of sugar.

Stirring is done only to avoid burning/sticking at the bottom. So it need not be done very hard.

I am sending this recipe to Mithai Mela event hosted by Srivalli.


  1. thats really something new for me..thanks for sending it across!..hope you will have something for the mango mela too..:)

  2. Thank U Now no time for comments I have to go to kitchen for preparation of Akkara vadisal Bye

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