Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dry fruits lassi

I have never heard of dry fruits lassi though ordinary sweet lassi is one of my favourites. May be its famous in North India. Today in my office cafetaria I ordered this lassi in the Amul counter and I just loved it. I reproduced the lassi at home as soon as I came back from office. The lassi tasted great.

Sweet, cold lassi with crunchy and chewy dry fruits with a mild rose essence flavour makes it a perfect drink.

Here is the recipe

Ingredients to make one glass of dry fruits lassi

Curd: 1 glass Sugar as per taste (I added 4 tsp) Dry fruits: around 1tbsp (I added cashew broken into small pieces, dried grapes and red tutti fruity. Altogether was 1 tbsp) Rose essence: 2 drops mixed in a tablespoon of water

1. Blend curd without adding water. Dissolve sugar in curd and refrigerate. While serving, 1. Pour rose essence solution in a glass. 2. Add the refrigerated curd. 3. Top it with dry fruits.

Refreshing dry fruit lassi is ready.Serve it cold.

Note: I added a bit more(around 5 to 6 drops) rose essence. Hence the lassi had a strong rose essence flavour. I will add only 2 drops, the next time I make it. Came to know through Sanghi of RD for summer event hosted by AnuSriram of Chandrabhagha , for which I am sending this recipe.


  1. Oooo yummy colour and i'm already cold seeing it Priya..! You can send this to Anu's RD-summer. @

  2. Thanks a lot for the info Sanghi. I will send it. The lassi tastes great too.

  3. Thats a lovely colour priya.. Looks fabulous! Thanks for sending it to my event!

  4. Picture of lassi looks so beautiful and delicious, I am gonna try it now.


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