Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rava(semolina) pongal

I had been to my native place during ugadi long weekend. I was asking my grandmother for some recipes. She not only gave this recipe for rava pongal but also prepared it for me. I guess this is the height of affection that one can show considering her old age.

I made the pongal for today's breakfast. I am also dedicating this pongal to my ever lovable grandmother whom we affectionately call "ammai".

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients that serves 5 adults

Semolina/Suji(ravai in Tamil): 250 gms Water: 900 ml (basically for one cup of suji, 3 cups of water is required) Moong dal(split): 100 gms Cashew: 10 to 15 pieces Ghee: 4 to 5 tbsp Pepper and Cumin seeds: (in the ratio of 3:1. ie: for three tbsps of pepper, take 1 tbsp of cumin seeds and grind them coarsely together)For this recipe 1 to 1-1/2tbsp corsely ground pepper-cumin powder is required. Salt to taste Curry leaves

1. Pressure cook moong dal by adding the required water. 2. In a pan/kadai add 2 tbsp ghee and add suji. Fry till golden brown(stir every now and then) 3. In the meanwhile, boil water in a bowl. 4. Once the suji is golden brown, add the boiling water and keep stirring. Add salt. 5. Once the water is absorbed(it will be in a semi-solid state) add the cooked moong dal and mix well. Add a tbsp of ghee.(optional) 6. Remove from heat. 7. In a small kadai add a tbsp of ghee. Once it is hot, add the cashew and fry till golden brown. 8. Put the fried cashew in the pongal. 9. In the same small kadai, add some more ghee(1 tbsp), add the pepper-cumin powder and curry leaves. Just fry for few seconds and add this also to the pongal. 10. Mix the pongal well.

Tasty rava pongal is ready.It can be had with coconut chutney or as it is.

Note: The left over pepper-cumin powder can be used for rasam.


  1. Very good recipe and photo of pongal Priya. I think you have written 900 litres of water by mistake instead of 900ml.

  2. Thanks for pointing out Madhuram. :-)
    I will change it.
    This is a very good recipe. You can definitely try it.


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