Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eggless chocolate chip vanilla muffins

I have tried so many of Stephanie's recipes(substituting eggs wherever required), few I have posted in my blog, few I have not...Not even a single recipe has failed so far. The measurements are just perfect and it is so nice of her to give both cup and gms measurements which is one of the the main reasons why I always go back to her website for baking recipes..

Yes, I can just post the photos of the item that I bake and provide the link to her recipe and stop there. But I wouldn't want to do that for 2 reasons..Firstly, I make some alterations to the recipe(based on availablity of ingredients and preferences) which I would like to document.Secondly, if for some reason the site becomes unavailable to me (which I hope would never happen), then how would I ever bake all those wonderful cakes, cookies, muffins....

So here is the recipe for chocolate chips muffins that I adapted from joyofbaking. After getting stuck in the infamous banglaore-BG road traffic jam 2 kms from home in a bus, covering the 2 kms by walk on a road with knee deep rain water for almost 500 metres, with one of the sandals torn half way, covering the rest of the distance with a bare foot sometimes over slippery heaps of mud and huge stones, I still had the enthusiasm to bake this choco chip muffin after coming back home. One can imagine how much I am inspired by the wonderful website called the joyofbaking.

The muffins did not let me down. It was softer and moister than I expected with a nice combination of vanilla and chocolate flavour. It was a soothing end to my ordeal with the rain- flooded bg road.

Ingredients to make around 15 muffins

Unsalted butter: 113 gms(melted and cooled) Curd/Yogurt: 150 gms Milk: 240 ml Vanilla extract: 1 1/2 tsp All purpose flour/Maida: 260 gms Granulated white sugar: 135 gms Baking powder: 1 tbsp Salt: 1/4th tsp (1/2 tsp in original recipe) Chocolate chips: 100 gms (Original recipe calls for 175 gms)

1. Pre heat oven to 190 degree C 2. Grease the muffin tin or place the paper liners.(I did the latter) 3. In a bowl, whish together the curd, milk and vanilla extract.(I used a hand blender for this) 4. In another bowl mix all the dry ingredients. Add the chocolate chips and mix well. 5. Fold in the wet ingredients and butter into the dry ingredients.(I did this with hand) 6. Stir onyl until the ingredients are combined well. 7. Fill each muffin cup with the batter upto 3/4th of the cup. 8. Place the tin in the oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted at the centre of the cup comes out clean. 9. Remove from oven and allow it to cool.

Vanilla flavoured muffins with gooey chocolate chips just tastes delicious.

Note: I deviated from the procedure twice by mistake. Firstly, I mixed the butter also with curd, milk and vanilla extract. Secondly, I folded in the chocolate chips after mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ones.But overall, the muffin looked and tasted great.

According to the original post,Over mixing of the batter would result in tough muffins.For even heating, fill the emtpy muffin cups with some water.


  1. Hi Priya.i made this vanilla muffins which tasted good.i did not commit the same mistakes you,thanks for that.i have a question.can i use any flavour other than vanilla(say chocolate,pineapple etc.)?

  2. hi,
    i would like to try this recipe as a cake since i do not have a muffin tray. 'am a beginner... so do not want to invest too much in baking utensils till i prove to myself!!! kindly tell me
    a) what care i need to take, to bake as a cake.
    b) can i just half the content and do my first trial?
    c) i've seen notes in recipes... to dust nuts & chips with flour b4r adding to the batter to prevent them from sinking to the base.... do i need to do that ??
    d) generally recipes say... fold in the dry ingredients(say seived mix of flour, BP, BS, salt, cocoa powder etc.... as the case may be)into the wet mixture... whereas u have suggested the other way around... i mean, wet mix and butter into the dry mix... why so??? is there any reson 4r that??
    e)last but not the least... got a good picture of the menance of b'lore rains. mumbai is no less. and still...ur enthu... to bake against all odds... i see myself in similar boats.

    sorry for that long msg... hope i will hear from u...


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