Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mango frozen yogurt

Who would not want to try the blueberry frozen yogurt after seeing it in RC's blog? There are only 3 ingredients and its so easy to put everything together and the result is such a good looking dessert..As I don't get blueberries here, I used ripe mangoes. I had to make slight modification to the recipe, which involved some extra work. We don't get greek yogurt here and I thought using homemade yogurt as it is would not yield good result.(There is lot of water content in it) So I hung the yogurt overnight and the next day I got a nice creamy yogurt devoid of water content perfect to use in the recipe. Here is the recipe as adapted from Supriya's.

Ingredients to serve 5

Homemade Yogurt/curd: 4 cups(to get one cup creamy yogurt after hanging overnight) Pureed Ripe Mango: 1 cup(I used neelam variety, got 1 cup puree from 3 small sized mangoes) Sugar: 1/2 cup(can be adjusted according to the tartness of both the mango and the curd) Chopped cashew and badam for garnish(optional)

1. Pour the curd in a muslin cloth placed on top of a wide bowl. (I used a cotton cloth) 2. Bring together the cloth and tie with a rope. 3. Hang the cloth and place a bowl below it to collect the water dripping.(Water is collected just to keep the place clean. It has to be thrown away. :-)) 4. I hung it overnight on a steel knob connected to the water purifier. I did not find any better place. I would have preferred to hang the cloth in the refrigerator, but could not do it.) 5. The next day, add the cut mangoes and sugar in a mixer and puree it. Taste it. Add more sugar if needed. 6. In a bowl, mix the puree and the hung curd. (I did this using a hand blender.) 7. Place in a wide bowl and freeze it for 2 to 3 hours or till it hardens.(Mine took almost 3 hours) 8.Take it out, mix with a flat ladle to break the hardened mixture. Again place it in the freezer. I filled small jelly moulds with the mixture and froze it. 9. Remove from the freezer, 5 minutes before serving so that it loosens a bit. Scoop out and garnish with chopped almonds and cashew.

Gorgeous frozen dessert is ready to be relished. It tasted more like frozen mango flavoured shrikand.. :-)

Note: If using thick store bought yogurt, hanging it is not needed. For homemade yogurt, it is better to hang it atleast for 4 hours if not overnight. As I hung the curd overnight at room temperature, it was a bit sour. After blending the puree and yogurt, it can be tasted to check for the sourness. If it is very sour, more powdered sugar can be added and mixed.


  1. Thanks Priya for trying it out and letting me know. It is easy, creamy, and yummy isn't it?

  2. We love frozen yogurt. It's a great alternative to ic-cream in that it's healthier and much lighter.
    And this one's mango. :)

  3. Yes Supriya, its easy creamy and healthy too..Planning to make them this weekend too. :-)
    Yes Aparna, its a healthy alternative..thats why I like it too..:-)

  4. Never tried this...tnx a lot for the recipe...


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