Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ginger Juice/Inji kashaayam

Ginger/Inji kashaayam is my mother's signature home remedy recipe for enhancing digestion and preventing indigestion. I prefer to call it ginger juice rather than kashaayam as its very tasty with the goodness of ginger, jaggery and lemon. My mother used to serve this juice generally after a heavy meal(ususally restaurant food) to prevent indigestion. I also used to be a ghee lover during my school days. When I felt sick due to over eating of ghee, my mother used to give this and I would be alright within few hours. Or just eating a small piece of ginger with a bit of salt coated on it did wonders for me. Sadhana and Muskaan's Home Remedy event gave me a chance to prepare this juice by myself.(ofcourse got the recipe from my mother) Just then I realised how easy it is to make this kashaayam.
Here is the recipe.
Ingredients to make around 3 cups of inji juice(I gues one person can have around 1/4 cup of juice on single serve. I have 1/2 cup. :-))

Fresh Ginger: 50gms(skin removed, washed and cut into medium sized pieces) Coriander seeds: 1 tbsp Jeera/Cumin seeds: 1 tsp Jaggery: 3/4th cup(or less broken into piece) Juice of one medium sized lemon Water: around 3 cups

1. Soak coriander seeds and cumin seeds in water in a small bowl for half an hour.(add around 1/4 cup water or till the seeds are immersed) 2. After half an hour, drain water(don't throw the water) and grind the soaked seeds along with ginger in a mixer. 3. If needed add more water(drained water can be used for this) and grind until ginger and the seeds are ground well. 4. Strain the juice in a bowl. 5. Add more water(from the measured 3 cups) to the pup that remains in the strainer and strain again. 6. Do the same a couple of times more till the juice is completely removed from the pulp. 7. Add the rest of water(if you want it a bit strong reduce the water to 2 1/2 cups) 8. Add jaggery. After few minutes once the jaggery is dissolved completely, add lemon juice and stir once or twice and serve.
Note: This juice can be given to childern too(5 years and above). If giving only for adults, water and jaggery quantities can be decreased to get stronger juice/kashaayam. It can be refrigerated upto a day.
This is my entry to Sadhana and Muskaan's Home Remedies event.


  1. Inji kashayam and pudin hara are the only two that work like magic when you have an indigestion. Excellent one Priya.

  2. Loved the recipe Priya. I have been looking for a good one for cough as well. I think this might help because of ginger and lemon?

  3. Good recipe Priya, Ginger is Amma`s remedy for cold, indigestion, headache and many other ailments.

  4. I loved the recipe,Ingredients are very simple...Healthy and Tasty drink....

  5. thanx for sharing ,will giv a try...

  6. such a healthy drink! simple n wonderful remedy! thanks alot for sharing this recipe.

  7. Inji kashayamm is so good for health...i make them once in a while, when I get sick. THanks for the recipe...picture is beautiful

  8. Looks fantastic, thanks for participating in the event.

  9. Healthy recipe! perfect for the event.

  10. Ginger juice sounds very healthy!

  11. Thank u for the flavour provided by the ingredients...nice presentation....

  12. I somehow want to make my kid drink this one,so much medicinal values!

  13. Priya,
    We are going to post the round up for home remedies tomorrow, please do email the entry details with a photo.

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  17. Hi priya, I had taken ginger kashayam & it really a good betterment for indigestion...can i take this weekly twice for better result. .i think doctors want to answer my question still i expect answer from you too...please . .Karthik


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