Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vegan creamy soy milk pasta

I made soymilk pasta today for breakfast. I learnt this recipe from my neighbour. Once I tasted this creamy pasta at her home, I just loved it and got the recipe from her immediately. Till then I used to make pasta, the Indian way, with onion, tomato and garam masala. The pasta is so easy to make and it does not require butter or cheese, hence its very healthy too.. I generally make the pasta using milk, but this time, since this recipe is my entry to Vaishali’s It’s a Vegan World-Italian event, I replaced milk with soy milk. The soy milk pasta was equally creamy and tasty.


Pasta: 2 cups (I used MTR macaroni pasta) Vegetables: 1 cup (mixture of green, red and yellow capsicum and carrot very thinly sliced) Pepper powder: ¼ tsp(optional) Soy milk: 1 ½ cups Corn flour: 1 ½ tbsp Oil: 2 tsp Salt to taste Pasta seasoning Procedure
1. Boil pasta as per instructions in the package and keep aside. 2. In a bowl, add soy milk and corn flour and mix well so that there are no lumps. 3. In a sauce pan/kadai, add 2 tsp oil. 4. Once it is hot, add the vegetables and sauté till the vegetables become soft. 5. Add salt and pepper powder and mix well. 6. Pour soy milk into the pan and stir until it mixes well with the vegetables and becomes creamy. (Less than a minute) 7. Add the boiled pasta and mix well. Put off the stove. 8. Sprinkle pasta seasoning on the pasta while serving. If pasta seasoning is not there, add chilly flakes and oregano.

Pasta tastes the best when served hot.

This goes to Vaishali’s It’s a Vegan World-Italian Event.


  1. i tried it.the pasta seemed to have just appeared out of an italian restaurant kitchen.i hope this recipe helps you win"It’s a Vegan World-Italian Event".all the best.

  2. I tried making this tonight (looks delicious) but I noticed that the corn flour measurement isn't there - just "1 1/2." Cups? Tablespoons? Help! :)


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