Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eggless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting

I am a regular visitor to Madhuram’s eggless cooking site. I saw her Egg replacement event-Vinegar and was really excited about it..I am very new to blogging(though I have been reading other food blogs for quite sometime) and have never participated in any event..Seeing her event, I felt, what else could be a better debut than to participate in one of my favourite food.

At this point I would like to say that, I have baked eggless cake using vinegar and oil a couple of times(by seeing some recipes in the net) and both the times, it was a disaster..It did not taste good at all.Also I have failed attempts of baking eggless chocolate cake as the end product turned out to be very bitter..I came to know that cocoa powder is the culprit..So I bought a different brand recently...Seeing Madhuram’s event I thought I can bake a chocolate cake using vinegar as a substitue but without including oil..To everybody’s surprise and relief, the chocolate cake this time turned out really great..I made chocolate ganache frosting following another of my favourite blogger's(passionateaboutbaking) recipe. As I said in my previous post, my parents have come to visit me. They tasted the cake and they liked it very much.. Nobody could say that vinegar was added.Even I could not feel the taste.(may be none of us really know how vinegar tastes. :-) )


All purpose flour Maida: 200gms Sweetened condensed milk: 1 tin(400 gms)(I used Nestle milkmaid) Unsalted Butter: 100 gms Baking powder: 1 tsp Baking soda: 1 tsp Vinegar: 1 tbsp Cocoa powder: 3 tbsp Milk: 4 tbsp(if required) Procedure
1. Mix all the dry ingredients. 2. In a separate bowl cream the butter. Add milkmaid and beat well until it is soft.(I use a hand beater for this) 3. Add vinegar and mix well. 4. Now add the mixed dry ingredients 4 tablespoons at a time and mix well in one direction. 5. If the batter is very thick add some milk.(I added around 4 tablespoons of milk) 6. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C. 7. Pour the cake batter in a greased cake pan and bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.
Chocolate ganache frosting

Though I followed Deeba's recipe for the frosting, I am documenting the same below by making some changes not because I wanted to make but because I was forced to make those changes as I did not have those/get those ingredients. Ingredients
Fresh Cream: 200ml(I used Amul Fresh Cream, but the original recipe called for heavy cream Chocolate: 90 gms(The original recipe called for 100 gms, I think and it was dark chocolate cocoa powder: 1 tbsp(I added this) Icing sugar: 2 tbsp Procedure
1. In a bowl mix fresh cream, chocolate and icing sugar and boil it until the chocolate melts. 2. Remove from heat and add the cocoa powder and mix well.If it is too thin melt some more chocolate and add.If it is too thick add some more fresh cream. 3. Refrigerate so that it thickens.(I generally keep in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes till the consistencey is right for spreading.)
Applying the frosting

1. Allow the cake to cool completely and cut the cake horizontaly into two halves. 2. Apply ganache on the lower part and keep the other cake piece on top of it. 3. Now apply the ganache all over the cake and refrigerate the cake so that the ganache thickens.(I generally keep in the freezer for 10 minutes)This step is optional.

Though I am not good at writing on cakes, I tried it out with, the result of which can be seen on the cake.

Eggless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting is ready.

This is my entry to Madhuram's Egg substitue event-Vinegar.


  1. That's a neat cake Priya. I've seen plain cake recipes with condensed milk but I've never baked. Thank you very much for sending to the event.

    Have you registered with It's a food aggregator.

  2. Thanks for the leaving such a nice comment for me. I'm glad the paratha trick worked for you as it did for me. The cake looks lovely.Your parents must have been thrilled.

  3. Thanks Bharti.
    I have also tried your eggless cake with butter milk. It was just splendid. I have to try so many sindhi recipes from your blog.Will let you know once I make them.

  4. The cake looks fluffy...that means it is perfectly baked.i have yet to try vinegar as egg replacement in baking.
    Nice job!

  5. Yes Sharada. The cake was well baked. You can definitely try vinegar, buttermilk, applesauce as egg replacements.I just checked out your blog. Nice one.

  6. What is milkmaid?

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    Milkmaid is the brand name for sweetened condensed milk produced by Nestle. Sorry about not making it clear. I will update the blog. Thanks for asking.

  8. Hi Priya,

    I tried your receipe. The taste was very good but I had two problems.

    1. The mixture was very thick inspite of putting 4 tablesppons of milk.

    2. The cake rose well while baling but dipped drastically once it was done.I used a 8 inch pan (2 inches high).

    Please let me know where I have gone wrong as I would like my cake to rise evenly so that icing the same is easier.


  9. Hello Anonymous,
    Regarding your first question, I baked this cake quite some time back. So I am not sure how the consistency of my cake batter was. May be mine was thick too.
    As far as the second question goes, actually my cake also sunk. I am sorry that I did not mention that actually I inverted the cake and did the icing. I read in some blog that you should alway invert the cake for decoration. ie: the side that down while baking would be on top while decorating. I always follow this, especially if the cake sinks. Hope it helps.
    I have baked few cakes seeing joy of baking site by replacing eggs with an egg substitute. Those cake never sink. May be you have a look at that site too. Its

  10. wow, the cake looks yum. can u pls tell me which otg u use, the brand name and model, as i m planning to buy one.

  11. Hello Sparsha,
    I have Prestige OTG, Model POTG-19PCR. Its 19 litres. It costed around 3500 rupee, i think..Till now it has been working fine..

  12. Ours is a poor country. How can you afford to prepare such costly dishes??? Anyway, good attempts.

  13. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I think I want to try this recipe soon.
    My Children N Me

  14. I want to buy an OTG, Can you suggest me the brand and how big it should be so that i can bake a cake and Pizza ?


  15. Hi Prema,
    I have Prestige OTG, Model POTG-19PCR. Its 19 litres. Its good enough for me to bake cake and pizzas. Till now it has been working fine..

  16. hi priya
    your cake turned out awesome.. I usually use cake mix and replace each egg with 1 tbsp of flax seeds powder + 3 tbsp of water.. my cakes turn out ok but they usually dont leave the pan easily or have crumbs stuck to the pan.. do u think it would be better to use combination of vinegar + baking soda with flax seeds?! I've never yet tried to use vinegar in cakes.. pls let me know what you think!
    thanks a lot

  17. hi
    Please let me know exactly for long to preheat the otg and secondly i want a round cake in size 3 container aluminium one so kindly let me know the right propotion of ingredients for it.Early reply will be appreciated.Thanx in advance as on wednesday i am hosting a party.

  18. how to make icing without using egge at all

  19. Hi,
    All your recipes are nice.i purchased the same model you have mentioned.can you please explain how to preheat?

  20. Priya,
    I must say that i found the right blog to vent out my problems with the prestige OTG 19l. My hubby gifted it to me for xmas in december and i have had burnt cakes and flat pizza bread kind of cakes that i made with the OTG. The main problem is i have never ever used an OTG before and the manual doesn’t even have a sample recipe that i can try out....when i called on the service guy with questions about baking a cake....the support guy said just preheat to 250deg Cel with the lower coils on using the heat system knob...which is the max on the OTG and then place the aluminum tray with the batter in it. And then after 20 mins turn both the heat coils on....and i was so upset the way the cake turned out...burnt on the bottom and flat on the top....uncooked in the middle after 45 minutes!!! I soon backtracked and made the cake in the old fashioned oven....!!! It will be great to get some tips from ur side on using this particular oven. I have been upset ever since i found that other ovens from IFB come with a detailed cooking instruction for baking and also has a button that says baking or cake on it.....
    Can you please help me with a step by step on my prestige otg for baking a vegan chocolate fudge cake?

  21. i bought a prestige otg and would love to bake bread. i have gone through recipees for soft crust buns. even though i follow the recipee right.either the bread doesn't rise or crust is too stony for my liking.m confused.m i baking it wrong or baking bread is not for otg? pl help. cake comes out fine though

  22. Hi,

    I tried the recipe and I had a similar issue which was already mentioned. the cake sunk substantially after it cooled off. I was planning to cut it and fill the icing in the middle and make into a 2 layer cake. instead have to settle down for a single layer.

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  24. Really a very good recipe shared from your side. i had tried the same this weekend and my all friends and family members loved it very much.

    Thanks for Sharing,
    Cakes Mumbai

  25. hello.....priya i really very enjoy your recipe... nice .....i am from kolkata chef swapan sikder.....

  26. Hi

    Yummy recipe can I replace maida with multigrain flour (from ashirvad).The texture is same as wheat


  27. Woww it looks so delicious. I can't wait to try it!

  28. Hello,
    I am going to buy an OTG. Could u pls let us know how is the performance and service of ur Prestige OTG? How long do u have this OTG?

  29. I would simply say to you all “awesome information”


  30. This cake recipe is perfect for my mom and dad's anniversary they both like ganache.


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