Sunday, May 3, 2009

Akki(Rice) Roti

Akki(Rice) roti is a famous karnataka breakfast dish. I have had these rotis in restaurants in Bangalore and also have tasted a homemade roti few years ago when my colleague brought it for lunch. I have tried making these rotis a couple of times. Though it was eatable, I could not get the perfect rotis.

Today I felt like eating these rotis. I browsed a couple of food blogs and liked the recipe in padmaskitchen. I followed her recipe and the akki rotis came out good, definitely better than before. I did not have the batter as thin as she had. I think because of that my rotis were a bit hard. Next time, I will have to try with proper consistency. Also, flattening the batter in a room temperature pan is a good information and I think that really made the difference. We had the rotis with coconut-dalia(pori kadalai) chutney. Its a very filling and tasty breakfast and definitely different from the dosas and idlis we generally have.

Here is the recipe as adapted from Padmaskitchen. She has given detailed pictures too.

Ingredients to make 10 to 12 rotis

Rice flour: 600 gms Onion: 1 cut into small pieces(150 gms) carrot: 1 grated(50 gms ) Cumin seeds: 1 tsp Coriander leaves: chopped Green chillies: 2 long(cut into small circular pieces) Yogurt/curd: 150 gms Water: 250 ml or as required to bring the batter to the correct consistency Refined Oil: For making the rotis Salt to taste

1. Mix rice flour, carrot, onion, salt, cumin seeds and coriander leaves.(I did not use coriander leaves this time as I did not have it.) 2. Add yogurt to the above mixture and mix well. 3. Add water little by little to bring the batter to the correct consistency.(In Padma's words, the batter should be of uttappam batter's consistency and not that of dosa's) 4. In a room temperature pan, add little oil(less than 1/4th tsp) and spread well. 5. Take the batter in hand and put at the centre of the pan. 6. Flatten the batter with the fingers.(If the batter sticks, little oil can be applied to the fingers. Thats what I did) 7. Spread some oil(less than 1/4th tsp) on top of the batter too. 8. Keep the pan in a stove. Turn around the roti once the bottom side is cooked well. (It will take around 2 to 4 minutes for the roti to get cooked well. The cooked roti will be light brown in color.) 9. For the next roti, run the bottom side of the pan in cold tap water, so that the temperature is reduced and repeat the same procedure.

Tasty and filling akki roti is ready. It tastes best when eaten hot with coconut chutney.

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