Sunday, September 27, 2009

Suyan for Saraswathi puja

Suyan is one of my favourite sweets though this is the first time I made them at home. I got the recipe from my mother. There are a couple of things to be taken care of while preparing the batter to get good suyans. The batter should be very smooth and the consistency should be such that one should be able to immerse the stuffing(purnam) in the batter and put them immediately in oil for frying. It should be neither too thin nor too thick. Here is the recipe to make around 15 medium sized suyans.

Ingredients for the batter

Urad Dal(full): 1/4 cup Raw rice: 1/3 cup Salt to taste
Ingredients for the stuffing

Shredded Coconut: 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp Jaggery: 1/2 cup(broken into small pieces) Refined oil for deep frying
Procedure to make the batter

1. Wash both rice and dal and soak them together for atleast 1/2 an hour. 2. Grind the soaked rice and dal into a very smooth batter by adding very little water. (Check while grinding if water is not sufficient. Only then add water.) 3. Transfer the batter to a bowl, add salt and mix well. Kepp aside.
Procedure to make the stuffing

1. While the dal and rice are soaking, the stuffing can be prepared. 2. Mix coconut and jaggery in a kadai/pan. 3. keep the stove in medium flame and stir until the mixture comes together and the most of the water evaporates. Keep aside.
Procedure to make the suyan

1. Divide the stuffing into 15 parts/balls.. 2. Heat oil in a kadai/pan 2. Dip each ball in the batter so that it gets coated on all sides with the batter. 4. Put it immediately in the oil. Do the same for some more balls.(as much as the pan can hold) 5. Fry till the suyan turns golden brown on both the sides. 6. Remove from the pan, drain excess oil and place it in dry bowl. 7. Repeat the same for the rest of the stuffing and batter.


  1. Delicious suyan Priya..Saraswathi Pooja Greetings dear..

  2. I make these too.Aanal only on Sarawathy poojai. This year, i made earlier for chathurthi too!Yours have very neatly turned out. I understand how important is the consistency of the batter looking at your suyans.

  3. Suyan turned out excellent.My favorite one.Do visit my blog when u find time

  4. Suyyam looks wonderful...

    Happy Dussera.

  5. We make a bit different! Looks nice:)

  6. never tried this recipe. looks so yummy.Will try it soon.

  7. We make a different filling..but coconut n jaggery also makes a lovely combo..looks super yummy

  8. Thanks everbody. Dussehra greeting to you all and your family.

  9. I love suyan. Looks so tempting.

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  11. Priya, this is a new recipe for me and it sounds totally incredible. Thanks for sharing. And a very happy Diwali to you!

  12. Yummy. feel like eating them.

  13. Suyan looks good, its been a while I have seen this kind of sweets around:)


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